In Winter 2016, we ran the SHOW LOVE fundraiser to support our community production fund. The costs of putting on community shows, like the Winter and Spring Showcases, are not covered by class tuition or by ticket sales. Your contributions helped us raise over $17,000 to produce at least 5 original circus shows in 2017, starring our talented community: professional-track youth, Clown Conservatory trainees, and advanced adult students. Sharing the magic of live circus, and creating valuable opportunities for our talented community to perform and share their art is a vital part of our mission, and you’ve made a big impact. Thank you!

 Your donations have enabled Circus Center to make very specific and strategic purchases that affect everyone who performs in or attends a community production here.

 This post is to show exactly how much your contributions to SHOW LOVE accomplished. (See Part 1 here)

 Show Love Total Raised: $17,409

  • $3,200 - An amazing new light board, the ETC Colorsource 40 AV. This is an incredible upgrade that will produce beautiful, easy to use, and professional lighting for all of Circus Center’s community shows.
  • $1,575 - New speakers for Theater, used for all theater shows, including The Supers, Circus Fracas, and the current season of the Cabaret.
  • $3,680 - Lighting equipment, fogger, 3 microphones, and dimmers. Now the majority of our show lighting can run on normal extension cords, saving a lot of money on cabling, and we have four microphones for our performers, instead of one, for all of our shows.
  • $500 - Riggers adjusting middle point in the Theater so it’s exactly center stage.
  • $6,000 - Part of the Technical Director’s salary. A huge and important step for our organization, SHOW LOVE helped us hire a Technical Director, to help take the quality and professionalism of our productions to the next level, and keep you looking and sounding beautiful onstage.
  • $450 - Installing new electrical sockets in the Theater so we can use more lights and speakers
  • $672 - New curtains for the arch and side panels in Theater, replacing the old flats and keeping us looking sharp and professional
  • $850- Building and painting of Theater Arch, a large and versatile scenery prop
  • $495 - Backstage improvements, stanchions for guiding lines, and cones for loading

 Total: $17,422

In addition to all this, we received over $10,000 in donations of new and gently used sound equipment and stage lights, which (literally!) lit up our lives. Thanks to you, your community shows are looking and sounding better than ever!

Thank you for your support, and see you at the next show, our annual all-community winter showcase: Winter of Love, December 9 and 10.

Support Circus Center’s Annual Winter Giving Drive by donating here - all donations made this December will be matched up to $5000!