Clown Conservatory's 2018-19 class of Human Cartoons present


The 1st Semester Showcase

The Munchausens is the idiotically heroic tale of the wacky descendants of the great adventurer, Baron Von Munchausen! This is their quest for identity beyond the modern-day suburban malaise of grumbling, gadgets and laying about in electronic stupors! Many thrills and lots of laughs are in store!


Directed by Colin Johnson
Action Libretto by Sara Moore



November 29, 30 & December 1, at 7:30pm

circus Center. 755 Frederick Street

Suggested donation $10 (or a dozen donuts!)


Devised by & Starring the ClownCon Class of 2019

Ruby Day
Cassie Caldwell
Rebekah Cavinder
Alexandre Gagne-Greffard
Kenna Lindsay
Rachel Milner
Emily Paxton Rice
Ash Rexford
Ceci Walken

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