Kids' Parties

If your little one is a clown, a daredevil, or just full of the spirit of adventure,
they’ll never forget the day they got to join the circus!

  • Young person on the flying trapeze | Kids Parties | Circus Center
  • Child smiling while on the flying trapeze | Kids Parties | Circus Center
  • Child jumping and being fierce on the trampoline | Kids Parties | Circus Center

A party at Circus Center is like no other birthday, bar or bat mitzvah, graduation,
or celebration your child has experienced before. Your active youngsters will try real circus activities like flying trapeze and trampoline, taught in a safe kid-friendly environment by our professional party instructors.

Our event coordinator will work with you personally to make sure your event is fun,
memorable, and goes off without a hitch. All parties are perfect for beginners: no circus experience necessary! All Packages include a party space for food, drinks, and relaxation.

All parties include use of the bleacher seating area overlooking the Main Gym for the duration of their party and the 30 minutes following their event to use as a party room in which to serve food and refreshments. Reservations can be extended according to the needs of your party.

Acrobatics Parties

Your child will discover their inner ninja they learn to tumble, vault and literally run up walls! Circus Center Youth Acrobatics Parties provide a fun and safe environment for young partygoers to experience the exhilaration of acrobatics. Add Mini-trampoline or Olympic Trampoline for additional thrill.

Young person jumping on the trampoline | Kids Parties | Circus Center



Up to 10 participants | 2 hours | $450

Vault & Bounce!

Acrobatics + Mini-Tramp
11-15 Participants | 2 hours | $550

Vault & Bounce More!
Acrobatics + Mini-Tramp + Trampoline
16-20 Participants | 2.5 hours | $850
21-30 participants | 2.5 hours | $1,125

Flying Trapeze Parties

A Flying Trapeze party gives your child a chance to celebrate their strength, daring and courage in the party of a lifetime! Led by their very own Ringmaster and our expert instructors, your group will experience the wonders of circus on San Francisco’s only permanent Flying Trapeze. They’ll learn how to swing, hang, land - maybe even catch just like the pros. For an extra-energetic party, you can add activities like Trampoline and the exciting Circus Variety.

Youn person swinging on the flying trapeze | Kids Parties | Circus Center


Flying Trapeze

Up to 10 | 2 hours | $599

Fly & Bounce!
Flying Trapeze + Trampoline

Up to 15 | 2.5 hours | $999

Fly, Bounce & Play!
Flying Trapeze + Trampoline + Circus Variety

Up to 20 | 3 hours | $1499
Up to 30 | 3 hours | $1999
Up to 40 | 3.5 hours | $2999
Up to 50 | 3.5 hours | $3599

Circus Variety Parties

The fun stays close to the ground at a Circus Variety party. Your young partygoers will get to try a wide variety of circus activities and games led by kid-experienced instructors. They’ll tiptoe the Tightwire, spin Spinning Plates, pedal Pedalos, Juggle just about anything, and much, much more! Add Trampoline for extra bouncing fun.

Young person the rolling globe | Kids Parties | Circus Center

Circus Skills
Up to 10 participants | 2 hours | $500

Play & Bounce!
Circus Skills + Mini-Tramp OR Stilts
11-15 Participants | 2 hours | $600

Play & Bounce More!
Circus Skills + Mini-Tramp OR Stilts + Trampoline
16-20 Participants | 2.5 hours | $900
21-30 participants | 2.5 hours | $1,150

We do custom packages for parties up to 150 people.
Contact directly for more information.

We will e-mail you promptly with availability and reservation information.

PLEASE NOTE: Parties are NOT booked until we receive your deposit.

For more information contact or call (415) 759-8123.


Cancellation Policy

Circus Center is a small non-profit organization, and there is a high demand for our accommodations. We enforce a strict cancellation and no-show policy. Cancellations made more than 30 business days before the event will incur a $25 cancellation fee. Cancellations made 10-30 business days prior to the event incur a fee of 10% of the total event cost. Cancellations made 3-9 business days prior to the event incur a fee of 50% of the total event cost. No refund is given when a cancellation is made within 72 hours of the event. Adjustments to the size of your party must be made 5 days prior to the scheduled event date in order to prorate the total cost. We will accommodate movement of reservation dates when possible.

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