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We are very excited to be offering a 15 week Clown Workshop in the Winter of 2014-15. Physical Comedy, Prop Manipulation and Verbal Humor combined into one unique, comprehensive and dynamic workshop. What’s more, students can opt to study for 5, 10 or all 15 weeks making this Clown course both flexible and affordable for beginners and professionals alike. It starts with:

CLOWN: The Physical Comedian – Nov. 3 – Dec. 7, 2014

A 5 week workshop in Clown & Physical Comedy with a focus on developing your ability to express yourself physically, with classes in Mime & Movement, Slapstick, Solo & Partner Acrobatics and Improv. Our objective is to give you the tools to develop professional level performance material for cabaret, theatrical clowning, street theater and circus.  Application deadline is October 1, 2014. Please note, it will not be extended after this date! Only a limited number of students accepted. 

CLOWN: Puppet, Prop, Mask – Jan. 12 – Feb. 15, 2015

A 5 week workshop exploring the common language between Clown and Puppetry: transforming and manipulating a prop, bringing it to life as a partner, a puppet or a mask. Prop play is essential for good clowning. This workshop is an in-depth study to get the most out of your prop partners. A unique approach that builds on our first Intensive in physical expression. Application deadline is November 24, 2014.  

CLOWN: The Talking Clown – Feb. 23 – Mar. 29, 2015

This 5 week workshop explores the bridge between Clown and Stand Up Comedy, characters from the Commedia and the ribald humor of Bouffon.  A unique approach that builds on our first two Clown Workshops. Application deadline is January 12, 2015. Please note, you can take any individual workshop, combine any two, or sign up for all three!

For details including schedule, tuition, application and scholarships click here.

If you have any questions about any of our Clown workshops, send an email to Clown Conservatory Director Joe Dieffenbacher at For more information about Clown Conservatory, what we teach, how we teach and who teaches it, check the links below.

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