Announcing a New In-School Inclusive Circus Outreach Program


Circus Center is happy to announce that this January we launched a new community outreach program offering a progressive circus curriculum for children with learning differences and developmental disabilities.

This exciting new project is an 8-month pilot program developed in partnership with Open Mind School, a private school on the peninsula for students facing these sorts of challenges, and a private funder.

Our expert instructors offering a range of circus activities like juggling, tightwire, balance, clowning, stretching, and acrobatics in a small school setting with support from the school's expert staff. The school administration has been extremely supportive and excited to be bringing circus arts to their students for the first time, and the students have been very enthusiastic so far!

We are thrilled to be expanding Circus Center's outreach this way. Circus Center’s mission is to spread the joy of circus through training, performance, and community outreach, and the chance for us to build an inclusive circus program that any kid can enjoy is both great privilege and a service to our mission. We are looking forward to building on this project and giving even more kids the chance to explore the joys of circus arts.

Thank you to the project’s funders; Barry Kendall and Sarah Bruhns whose hard work made this project possible; Board Members Kristin Urquiza and Leo Harris for their advice and support; the administration and staff of Open Mind School; our expert instructors; and for your well wishes as we embark on this exciting new program!

Kufer OMS

Call for Directors for Fall Adult Rec Show

In the last three years, Circus Center has begun once again producing unique, innovative circus productions featuring our adult recreational students, faculty, and community members. Shows like Cabaret Metamorphoses and Guilty as Sin have played to packed houses and given our students invaluable opportunities to learn from creating and performing a show.

Now, we will produce another show drawing on the talents of our amazing community, this fall in the Theater. Our renovated Theater space offers directors much greater control over production elements than is possible in the gym, and our recent successful fundraising campaign ensures that we will have adequate resources to help directors realize their vision for a compelling circus-theater production.

We invite interested directors to submit brief proposals: tell us what kind of show you would like to create! Spell out as much as possible about things like concept/story, cast requirements, music, crew, production elements, and so on.

Exact dates are TBD, but we expect the show to run September 7–17. Main rehearsal period would take place over the summer, although directors are welcome to hold auditions and begin work earlier.

Interested directors should submit proposals to Barry Kendall, Executive Director, no later than Sunday, February 19.