Winter (Session) Is Coming

The passage of Halloween is usually the cue for retailers to start hanging the mistletoe and greenery for the holiday shopping season. We are certainly deep into preparations for the holidays, including our 2014 Winter Gala showcasing performances by our students, faculty, and community members.

We’re still well into our Fall Session, but at Circus Center, we know our students are serious about their training and like to plan ahead. I’m happy to announce that we’re ready for you: tomorrow (Wednesday 11/5), we will release the class schedule through March 29, 2015. Read on to learn about a few changes we’ve made to improve things. Plus, all class packs are on sale tomorrow through November 15!

Key Dates:

  • Wednesday, November 5
    • Winter Session classes (January 12 – March 29) open for Full Session Enrollment ONLY.
    • To purchase a Winter Session enrollment, you must call or contact the Student Services Team. Session enrollments will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Classes between Fall and Winter Sessions (“Inter-Session,” December 6 – January 11) registration open to ALL students. Register online using class packs/credits.
  • Wednesday, November 12
    • Winter Session classes (Jan 12 – Mar 29) registration open to ALL students.
    • To use class packs/credits, register online; full session enrollments will still be available for purchase through the Student Services Team.


Full Session Enrollment (11 weeks)

  • General Session: $176 ($16/class)
  • Advanced Session: $275 ($25/class)
  • Flying Session: $330 ($30/class)

General Class Packs

  • General 5-Pack: $95 $90
  • General 10-Pack: $180 $175

Advanced Class Packs

  • Advanced 5-Pack: $175 $160
  • Advanced 10-Pack: $300 $280

Flying Class Packs

  • Flying 5-Pack: $210 $195
  • Flying 10-Pack: $350 $330

Sale starts tomorrow through November 15.

We’ve worked hard to keep the best of our schedule and pricing, while making a few key changes that we believe will make your experience as students even better: make-up classes, opening Intro to Aerial classes, simplifying class names, and technology fixes.

What’s Different?

Makeup Policy Added to the Full Session Enrollment Option. Circus Center continues to offer two ways to buy classes: 1) individual classes and class packs, and 2) full session enrollment. Students who choose the full session enrollment option still get our best pricing and one week of priority enrollment (Nov 5-11). In addition, we have added a makeup policy that allows students to makeup one (1) class per session.

Here’s how the new makeup policy works: if you cancel or miss a class for any reason (and we still appreciate early cancels so others can get in the class), you may claim a credit for a class at the same or lower price point. This credit will NOT be automatically applied to your account; you must request it from the Student Services Team within one week of the absence. Because many of our classes are small and popular, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to use your makeup on the same exact class or the same instructor. Your class credit will expire one (1) month after the date it is applied to your account.

Intro Aerial Classes Open to Beginners. Effective December 6, our introductory aerial classes (Intro to Aerial Skills and Intro to Rope & Tissu) will be available to all students without a prerequisite. For new students, we strongly recommend co-enrolling in Aerial Conditioning alongside your Intro class, and for new students purchasing a full session enrollment, we require it.

Simplifying Class Names. We’ve changed a few of our course naming conventions to make it simpler for everyone, especially new students.

  • Trampoline now has two levels: Intro to Trampoline and Trampoline
  • Handstand now has two levels: Intro to Handstand and Handstand 1
  • Acrobatics now has two levels: Intro to Acrobatics and Acrobatics 1

Technology Fixes: Waitlists, MindBody Connect App, and More. We ran into a few hiccups this fall with our registration platform, MindBody Online. We have taken the necessary steps to fix these problems (for those who care about the technical details, we switched from using MindBody’s “Enrollments” feature back to its “Classes” function). This switch means that your interface will look more like it did prior to this fall. Furthermore, students will now be able to:

  1. add themselves to the waitlist (no more having to go through the front desk),
  2. see how many spots in a particular class are filled, and
  3. use the MindBody Connect app.

We hope that these tweaks and adjustments will help your experience at Circus Center an even better one.