Everything Old is New Again

Sometimes, there’s just no keeping a good idea down, especially if you can find a way to preserve the best parts of the old ideas at the same time. Our new Registrar Tracey Shababo fills you in below on the return of an important option for our most consistent students: session-based enrollment. — BK Circus Center is pleased to announce the addition of a new “session option” for enrollment in all of our classes. This option has been developed to give priority enrollment and a discount to students who are ready to commit to a regular, consistent training regimen: a guaranteed spot in the same class — same time and day each week — for every week of the session. Enrolling for a full session of a particular class will allow the student to follow a progressive curriculum to ensure results-oriented training. Students who choose the session option will benefit from a 2-week advance enrollment period, giving them first shot at some of our most coveted class slots and guaranteed placement in the class for the rest of the session. Enrolling in the session will also provide the highest level of discount available to Circus Center students. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality and most reliable training atmosphere.  If Circus Center has to cancel an individual class date, we will grant the affected students a drop-in credit to attend any equally-priced class. The credit will be valid from the date of the cancelled class until 30 days after the end of the session. If you purchase a session option,your commitment is to attend every class; no refunds, credits, or make-ups are available. If a medical situation arises which will prevent the student from participating for the rest of a session, Circus Center will credit 50% of the remaining pro-rated tuition to the student’s account for future use. If you are a Circus Center student who needs or prefers more flexibility in your training schedule, we will still be offering our existing “drop-in”-style rates, sold as single classes or class packs (though as always, it’s very wise to reserve your spot in class well in advance). We will offer classes year-round, but we will have four sessions during the year:

  • Fall 2014: September 18 – December 5
  • Winter 2015: January 12 – March 15
  • Spring 2015: March 16 – May 31
  • Summer 2015: June 8  – August 23

Classes between sessions (e.g., September 1 – 16, December 6 – January 4, and August 24 – 31) will be drop-in only. Session-option enrollment for the Fall will start on August 15; registration will open to all students on August 29. (The schedule for the September 1 – 16 “drop-in only” period will be released soon; watch for signs around the building.) During this initial roll-out period, students with class credits who wish to convert them to credit toward a session enrollment will be able to do so; please speak with me (Tracey) or a member of the Student Services Team. — TS It’s Barry again, with a final thought. We understand that change can sometimes be both exciting and unsettling. Here’s the truth, though: you never stop changing because you never stop trying to improve yourselves, and neither will we. Everyone at Circus Center is committed to offering the highest quality instruction that delivers the best results for you, our students. As we learn more about how to do that—from you, from our instructors, and from our peers in circus education around the world—we will take that knowledge and use it to improve our traditions and practices. We welcome your feedback, so that each step we take forward will be better than the last. Onwards and upwards! — BK


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