Ashe Giovanni

Ashe Giovanni instructs the following:
  • Intro to Handstand
  • This class introduces students to the three pillars of handstand— “thinner, lighter, more alive”—by practicing the basic handstand form. Students focus on conditioning and flexibility exercises to strengthen the arms and upper body, and on techniques to improve balance and stamina. In addition to students interested in acrobatics, many aerial students find this class to provide complementary training of the upper body that is useful on aerial apparatus.

  • Intro to Mixed Aerials
  • This class introduces students to the fundamentals of Aerial arts. With a strong focus on conditioning and proper form, students begin to learn foundation skills on the static trapeze, rope, and tissu. The fundamental movement vocabulary on these three apparatus will be directly applicable to hoop, sling, straps, and other aerial apparatus. Skills covered include foot key, hip key (tissu and rope), knee hang, basic beats, front balance on trapeze and more.
    No Prerequisites

  • Aerial Conditioning: Level 1
  • In this class students build strength through core, arm, and leg conditioning, while developing cardiovascular and muscular endurance. This 90-minute class mixes stretching and apparatus training with ground conditioning to work the entire body and tone muscles for maximum strength and control. Students will work singly and in partnership on apparatus such as static trapeze, rope, and wall racks to develop confidence in their own strength and coordination.

    No Prerequisite



  • Sling 1
  • Sling adapts fundamental body positions and tricks from tissu, hoop, and static trapeze to the apparatus of a closed fabric loop. Students work on twisting sequences, spinning straddle-up techniques, drops, and spinning transitions. Student-specific coaching focuses on body stability, aerial artistry, and the development of strength and control on the apparatus.
    Prerequisite: Instructor Approval. Approval can take several days and can be obtained 3 different ways, instructions can be found here: