Ash Rexford

Growing up in Sarasota Florida Ash's love for circus began at an early age and evolved into a reality when she moved to San Luis Obispo, California in 2007. It started with circles, specifically hoops. First a big hula-hoop, then several little hoops, then aerial hoop, LED hoop, fire hoop, all the hoops! It was her love for performing with her hoops that either convinced or tricked her (depending on how you look at it) into quit her job and pursue her passion for circus arts full time. After that door was opened, Ash was able to follow her heart to her her one true love: contortion. Ash began training at Circus Center through Catie Brier's Contortion Intensive. It only took 2 summers for her to threw caution to the wind and officially to move to San Francisco. As part of the Circus Center community you can find her teaching contortion and flexibility, and working as the party and event coordinator. When not training contortion, hooping, or dancing you can find Ash, well... actually let's be honest, she's still probably somewhere dancing. Either dancing at a music festival, dancing on stage, or dancing at home with her doggy.

Ash Rexford instructs the following:
  • Contortion Conditioning
  • Intended for students who want to incorporate power and control into their flexibility, Contortion Conditioning is an endurance and strength-building class that improves active leg flexibility, core strength, and joint stability while developing body awareness for advanced stretching techniques.
    This class is a great complement for aerialists, hand balancers, acrobats, and people of all circus backgrounds. For 60 minutes, instructors from our Contortion Department guide students through drills to strengthen the entire body, work up a sweat, and build strong stabilizing muscles for a happy backbend.
    No Prerequisite

  • Stretching
  • Students of all degrees of flexibility are invited to learn essential stretching exercises to increase mobility and range of motion. This class concentrates on stretching sequences to improve leg, back and shoulder flexibility, with a special focus on proper form to achieve flexibility without injury.


    Students interested in progressing to Advanced Stretching and Intro to Contortion should begin in this class.

    No Prerequisite.

  • Advanced Stretching
  • Designed to give students the foundation of strength and flexibility needed to train contortion, this 2 hour class focuses on enhancing flexibility through Mongolian-based contortion technique, personalized stretching, and active flexibility exercises. Acrobats and aerialists will find this training can help them to achieve beautiful lines while upside down or in the air. 


    Prerequisite: Instructor Approval. Approval can take several days and can be obtained 3 different ways, instructions can be found here: