Jacob Haslem

Jacob Haslem began competitive sports at the age of 8, taking up soccer, wrestling, hockey, & snowboarding. In high school, he found team gymnastics & cheerleading, competing on floor and vault at a state level, and helping to catapult his cheerleading team to the Nationals. He also began to explore his passion for self expression performing swing and breakdancing. After leaving his hometown of Chicago, Jacob took up acting and filmmaking and was soon working as an actor. He took up yoga stretching techniques and meditation next, and on finding circus in 2012, was able to merge his gymnastics background and his love for dancing and acting all into one. He continually searches for different ways of self expression through the language of movement. These days Jacob’s focus is more on educating others and sharing what he has learned about health and fitness over the years, but he still feeds his passion performing regularly with The Vau De Vire Society as a Character Performer and Cyr Wheel Artist.

Jacob Haslem instructs the following:
  • Cyr Wheel
  • Cyr Wheel is an introduction and opportunity to go hands-on with the discipline. Your progression, as well as initial abilities working with the Cyr Wheel, will depend greatly on your athletic, dance & acrobatic background. First-time students will learn basic fundamental elements of training Cyr Wheel so they can safely begin challenging their balance inside the wheel. Over extended periods of training time, students will begin to advance their control over the wheel and gain access to training skills inside the Wheel. Outside of the basics, Instructions will be focused according to each individual student's needs and skill level as they progress.