Kris Carrison

Kris Carrison brings nearly three decades of experience in gymnastics and circus/performance arts. Kris is an active, professional member of USA Gymnastics; Instructor Certified, Safety and Risk Management Certified, and USOC SafeSport Certified. He recently retired from 15 years with Cirque Du Soleil, where he invented acrobatic material, created solo acts and performed over 5,000 shows with Saltimbanco, Quidam and The Beatles, LOVE. Kris holds a degree in English Literature from Stanford University where he was a member of the '92 NCAA Gymnastics National Championship Team. He lives with his Labradoodle Sage in the Dolores Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. 

Kris loves surfing, long distance backpacking, playing the piano and reading classics. Kris aims to provide quality coaching and guidance that empowers artists, gymnasts and circus performers to safely pursue their dreams and realize their greatest potential.

Kris Carrison instructs the following:
  • Premium Trampoline
  • This class has the same focus and covers the same types of skills as All Levels Trampoline, but with a maximum of 3 students, there is more time for the student to receive individualized, student-specific coaching.

    Students increase body awareness in space and build strength while learning safe execution of trampoline tricks and skills. More advanced students find this class allows them to reach their training goals more quickly, and flying trapeze students in particular find this to be highly beneficial complementary training.
    No Prerequisite


  • All Levels Trampoline
  • In this class students from beginner to advanced develop trampoline skills at their own pace. Students focus on body awareness in space and conditioning with an emphasis on the safe execution of basic and more advanced trampoline skills.

    Each student spends about a quarter of the class active on the trampoline with direct instructor supervision, and spends the rest of the class learning and participating in exercises to build strength and stamina. More advanced students focus on the safe execution of inverted moves. This class is highly recommended for flying trapeze students hoping to master in-air tricks.
    No Prerequisite

  • Acro Conditioning for Every-Body
  • This one-hour class is designed for students with limited physical fitness experience and for all students who want to increase strength, flexibility and body awareness. Class begins with an easy full-body warm up and general stretching, followed by upper body strength exercises to get students ready for headstands and handstands. The last part of the class is body awareness drills such as animal walks, doggy rolls, and monkey jumps to develop the coordination needed for tumbling. This class will help you get to the next level in your other training, whether it's acrobatics, contortion, or another athletic pursuit.

    No Prerequisite