Catie Brier

Catie has been a resident of San Francisco for over 8 years. She began her training at Dance and Circus Arts of Tampa Bay over 13 years ago, where she studied dance and contortion. During her time there she trained under choreographer Debra Brown and contortionist Laurence Racine. Upon moving to San Francisco she started training with Master Lu Yi at Circus Center. She went on to train with Mongolian contortionist Serchmaa Byamba and began performing all around the United States. She's been seen performing with companies such as Quixotic Fusion, Circus Bella, Trapeze World and New Pickle Circus. Throughout her career Catie has developed a passion for not only teaching the art of contortion but also inspiring people to push the limits of their bodies.

Catie Brier instructs the following:
  • Intro to Contortion
  • Intro to Contortion uses Mongolian-based contortion technique to enhance leg and back flexibility and strength. Throughout this 2 hour class, students will work on improving their passive and active leg flexibility, as well as starting work on basic contortion skills such as chest stand, forearm stand and hand stands. Participants will also learn and develop personalized routines for stretching their legs and back that they can work on outside of class. Prerequisite: Instructor Approval


  • Contortion 2
  • Grounded in Mongolian-based contortion technique, this class focuses on building routines for stretching, movement through contortion poses, and higher level contortion skills. Contortion 2 is designed to build endurance, as well as continuing to develop flexibility and strength. Students will be able to start working on poses such as Triple Fold and handstands while refining the skills learned in Contortion 1.

    Prerequisite: Instructor approval