Herdlyn Evans

Herdlyn serves as Co-Director of Circus Center's Flying Trapeze department. He began circus training in Jamaica when he was invited to try flying trapeze. For the past 8 years he has trained and performed flying trapeze, as both a flyer and catcher; static trapeze; double trapeze; tissu; and juggling. Herdlyn has taught and performed for various companies including Super Clubs and Club Med, where he was the circus director for Club Med Cancun.

Herdlyn Evans instructs the following:
  • All Levels Flying Trapeze
  • This class is open to all skills levels, and ages 7 and above.  In Flying Trapeze, a “flyer” swings from one trapeze to another (“bar to bar”), or from one trapeze to the hands of a “catcher” hanging from another trapeze (“bar to catcher”). The latter technique, which is the most common, is taught at Circus Center.


    This class is open to flyers ages 7 and above of all skill levels, from the first-timer to the seasoned pro. It introduces students to all aspects of flying: familiarization with the rigging, terminology of the trapeze, and performance of basic tricks.

    Guidelines and Information

    • Maximum weight: Our instructors, who vary in size, can safely belay up to 250lbs.
    • Maximum waist: Our safety belts are designed to accommodate waists up to size 38.
    • Punctuality strongly encouraged.
    • Loose or street attire discouraged, close-fitting athletic wear suggested.
    • Glasses discouraged, but if worn, must be break-resistant and secured with elastic straps


    No Prerequisites.


  • Flying Trapeze for Kids
  • Your child can BE that daring young kid on the flying trapeze, only at Circus Center! Working on the only flying trapeze rig in San Francisco, our expert instructors will introduce students to the safety practices and fundamental techniques of this spectacular circus art. Give your kid the gift of flight!


  • Flying Trapeze 2
  • With an emphasis on the development of skills needed for the performance of a flying trapeze act, including advanced tricks and flying without safety lines, this class in an accelerated course for motivated students who are physically prepared for rigorous intensive training.

    Prerequisite: Able to leave the board unassisted


    Recommended complementary classes: Aerial Conditioning, Stretching, Physical Limitation Elimination, Flexibility for Every-Body, Trampoline



  • Flying Trapeze 1
  • Flying Trapeze 1 is for the intermediate student. Students should have experience with Flying Trapeze at Circus Center, but may not be ready to leave the board unassisted as in Flying Trapeze 2. Class has 3 instructors and 8 students like All Levels Flying Trapeze, but without total beginners, it is more fast-paced.


    Prerequisite: Able to do a one-handed take off (or deemed close to that milestone by an instructor)