Aus Lacroix

Aus is originally from Québec. He now calls San Francisco his home after living here for more than 10 years. When not at Circus Center honing his aerial straps skills he’s hard at work at Mozilla. Once a terribly out-of-shape kid, he decided to turn that around when he was 18 (and weighed almost 250 pounds). That’s when he discovered the importance of nutrition, and activities to get him moving. At 21, he was down to 155 pounds. It was just the beginning of an amazing journey in the art of human movement. He started his journey in the circus arts on static trapeze with Hélene Turcotte, followed by many advanced conditioning classes with Elena Panova, double trapeze, and aerial straps. Totally addicted to the circus arts, he learned how to catch on flying trapeze and honed his skills as a flier to start teaching in 2011. When not catching, he can be found conditioning and working on new skills on aerial straps.

Aus Lacroix is currently not instructing any classes.