Jiggidy Jives

A jack-of-all-trades performer, Jives has been teaching acrobatics and flying trapeze at Circus Center for 14 years. He specializes in meteor bowls, acrobatics, and Chinese pole.

Jiggidy Jives instructs the following:
  • Handstand 1
  • Handstand is the foundation of all acrobatics. This class is for more advanced students, exploring many variations of handstands including planks, one handed handstands, headstands and handstand pushups.


    Prerequisite: Instructor approval


  • Chinese Pole
  • This class focuses on Chinese pole skills that develop strength and endurance. Build strength and dexterity as you learn to climb, slide, and hold poses on the acrobatic pole.

    Skills include monkey climbing, regular climbing, sitting, star, fish, and variations of the standard handstand and pull ups. Students proceed at their own pace with personalized instruction.


    *Please Note* This class requires specific shoes- The Feiyue martial arts shoe is one example of an acceptable shoe and can be purchased inexpensively on Amazon.com.

    We have sizes 36, 38, 39, 40, 43, and 45 to loan, but we cannot guarantee that a particular size will be available in a class.


    No Prerequisites.

  • Intro to Handstand
  • Learn the basics of handstand, the foundation of circus. Students are introduced to the three pillars of handstand—thinner, lighter, more alive—and also practice the basic handstand form. Both acrobatic and aerial students can benefit from practicing handstands.

    No Prerequisites.

  • Circus Bootcamp
  • Get a full-body workout using movements, techniques, and skills taken from circus, parkour, and gymnastics! This fun and intense circus circuit training combines interval training with circus arts conditioning followed by a brief stretch. Circus Bootcamp will build strength, endurance, and coordination in a way that can be scaled and modified for all fitness levels.

    No experience required.


    No Prerequisites.




  • Hoop Diving
  • Come and learn the ancient art of Chinese hoop diving! This exciting and dynamic acrobatic art form has its humble roots as a game of skill that Chinese peasants played using their grain separators that had the woven bottoms pulled out. They would challenge each other to dive through the hoop without hitting it. The acrobatic aspect has evolved and is taken to an extremely high level in the Chinese circus. Now hoop diving can be seen performed in circus shows all over the world.

    Also covered in this class will be walking and jumping kicks, handstands, and mini-trampoline as well as tumbling specific to hoop diving.

    This class is not suitable for absolute beginners and proficiency with basic tumbling skills is strongly recommended.