Juggling, Manipulation, and Balance

This class is taught by:

Oscar Velarde

Oscar Velarde was born and raised in Los Angeles. Growing up he trained in various styles of martial arts such as Karate-do and Brazilian Jiujitsu. He was introduced to the circus arts through his family who own El Gran Circo de Mexico, where Oscar performed as a stunt clown. In his first year on tour, he was introduced to Diabolo and began to teach himself for years until he was able to compile enough tricks to become a feature act.
Oscar teaches Circus Skills Jam with Sabrina Wenske, an award-winning San Francisco-based theatre actor and deviser, primarily in clown.
In Juggling, Manipulation, and Balance, students will learn the basics of juggling, diabolo, and flowers sticks. Students will also test their equilibrium as they learn rolling globe, stilt-walking, rolla bola, and tight-wire.